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The Home Builders Association of Tuscaloosa, Inc. is dedicated to promoting a progressive environment to enhance the vitality of the housing industry so as to benefit its members and the citizens of the Tuscaloosa area.  Our GOAL....to be the "Go To Resource" for all of your housing related needs.




Spring Cleaning & Things You Need To Know!

Hopefully, the winter weather is behind us and we can look ahead to Spring!  If so, then it time to start tackling some of those very important spring cleaning chores .  Don't overlook these:
Outside Jobs

1.  Clean out the gutters before the spring rains come.
2.  Clear away all the debris from around the exterior drains so water flows freely.
3.  Freshen up that landscape by cleaning our your flower beds and containers.
4.  Mow the lawn.
5.  Give that fresh mowed lawn some weed and feed.
6.  Empty any containers holding water (help keep those pesky mosquitoes away).
7.  Power wash decks and patios.
8.  Clean your windows and doors.  Replace any cracking or splitting caulk.
9.  Don't forget to clean off the patio furniture.  
Inside Jobs

1.  Vacuum those dusty air vents and replace air filters where needed.
2.  Pull your refrigerator out and vacuum the dust that has accumulated on the condenser coils
3.  Freshen up your garbage disposal by grinding up lemon cuts
4.  Next, just clean the house as normal.
Call in the Pros!
Yes, there a few things that should be left for the professionals.

1.  Have your HVAC system inspected by a qualified technician.
2.  Have a certified roofing contractor inspect your roof for missing, warped or loose shingles as well as water penetrable areas, such as vents and chimney flashings.
3.  And, if you built a lot of fires over the winter, have a CSIA-Certified chimney inspector sweep your chimney and fireplace. (should be done annually to prevent house fires)
Something New You Need To Know This Year!

As you are aware, most all spring cleaning begins and ends with water.  You may find that you need to replace your water heater.  Most people don't know that there are new efficiency regulations from the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act about to take place on April 16th and there will be new efficiency standards for water heaters as well as hot water heater regulations to consider.  So, if you need a hot water heater this spring season or in the future, here' another reason to call a professional.

New Water Heater Regulations
Effective April 16, 2015

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